Tina Naaktgeboren Brooker
Graduated in 1991
As a Cornell Ram

Four-Year Volleyball Letterwinner

Team Captain - 1989, 1990

Most Valuable Player - 1988, 1989, 1990

First Team All-Midwest Conference - 1988, 1989, 1990

Academic All-Midwest Conference - 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990

Marycrest Tournament MVP - 1988

Held 16 School Records in Setting and Serving - 1990

Russell W. Landis Award Winner - 1991

Inducted into Motor Board Academic Society - 1990

Hall of Fame
Graduation YearInducteeSport(s)
1899Walter Miller ThorntonBaseball
1906Walter T. HayesTennis
1912Frank G. CoppessFootball, Baseball
1912Raymond J. RettzelFootball, Basketball, Baseball
1914Emerson WestFootball, Baseball
1918Warren E. HartwellFootball, Baseball
1918Joseph T. MeadeFootball, Coach, Administrator
1919Lee ByerlyBaseball, Basketball
1920Arlo M. SandersonFootball, Basketball, Baseball, Track
1921George S. BretnallTrack
1921Thomas KeplerFootball, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Tennis
1921O.W. LawrenceFootball, Track
1922J. William EnsignFootball, Basketball, Track, Baseball
1922Alan GowansFootball
1924Carl W. KirwinFootball, Basketball, Baseball, Track
1925P. Guilford PaulsenBaseball, Basketball, Track
1926Lloyd C. DeanFootball
1926Claude C. ReeckFootball, Wrestling
1926Kenneth R. TruckenmillerWrestling, Football
1926Bernard Van EttenWrestling
1927George J. BarbourTrack
1928Dr. Lloyd O. Appleton, PH.D.Wrestling
1928Ralph A. JohnsonFootball, Basketball, Baseball
1928Ralph L. LuptonWrestling
1928Verne McGrathFootball, Wrestling
1928Archie MidkiffFootball, Wrestling, Track
1928Connie J. MuilenbergBasketball, Football, Track
1928Leland WilsonFootball, Wrestling
1929Roy W. CrabtreeFootball
1929Paul K. ScottWrestling, Football
1930Kirby G. CookFootball, Basketball, Track
1930Siegfried TeschFootball, Wrestling
1930Orvill WelzelFootball, Basketball, Track
1931Burton L. O'ConnorFootball, Basketball
1932Lyle B. MorfordWrestliing
1932Max WarnerFootball, Basketball, Track
1933Don HaloupekFootball, Wrestling
1934Gordon W. EllisonWrestling
1934DeLoss OsburnFootball, Wrestling, Track
1936Eldon CoffmanFootball, Basketball, Track
1936Harold StillFootball, Basketball, Track
1937Ben A. PetersonFootball
1938Dale E. BrandWrestling, Football
1938Raymond E. KnudsonFootball, Wrestling
1938Howard McGarthWrestling, Football
1941William LymanFootball, Wrestling
1941Eugene TornquistFootball, Wrestling
1943Fred BishopWrestling
1943Walter O. HaloupekFootball, Wrestling, Track
1943Frank PrestonWrestling
1945David R. ClutterhamCross Country, Track
1946Richard A. HoudenFootball, Basketball, Track
1947Dr. Dale O. "Whitey" ThomasWrestling
1947Wallace W. LittellFootball, Wrestling, Track
1947Gordon "Rick" MeredithWrestling
1948Charles A. JacotFootball, Basketball, Track
1948John McConnellCross Country
1949Leo ThomsenWrestling
1950Nelson "Bud" AndrusFootball, Basketball, Track
1950Fred A. DexterWrestling
1950Richard J. HauserWrestling
1950John KochFootball, Basketball, Track
1950Lowell LangeWrestling
1950Kent LangeWrestling
1950Ben McAdamsWrestling, Cross Country
1950Alfred M. PartinWrestling
1950Rodger SnookWrestling
1951Garrett "Ray" FoyWrestling
1951William NardiniWrestling
1951Walter V. RomanowskiWrestling
1952Don GruenwaldBasketball
1953John F. KeckFootball, Track
1953Donald NelsonBasketball, Football
1953Lloyd V. OlmsteadBasketball
1953Warren SonnemanFootball, Wrestling
1954James K. MillerWrestling, Football
1954Robert D. ReadeFootball
1955Richard L. BrubakerBasketball, Football
1955Warren DePrengerWrestling
1955James GallowayFootball, Basketball, Track
1956Don CarlsonBasketball
1956Lloyd CorwinWrestling, Football, Baseball
1957Merle R. GaberBasketball
1957L. Robert KeckFootball, Basketball, Baseball
1957Robert MajorsWrestling
1957Jerrie L. MooreTrack
1958Charles BrayTrack, Football
1958Dick PaulTrack & Field
1959Dale MartinTrack & Field
1960Ron AltenbergBasketball, Track
1960James W. BellamyFootball
1960James M. GassWrestling
1960Richard W. MerzBasketball, Baseball
1960William PetersonWrestling, Baseball
1960George PhelpsFootball, Track
1960Tony StevensWrestling
1961Gerald F. HumlFootball, Basketball, Track
1961William TaylorWrestling
1961Fred WrightWrestling, Football
1962Bob HilmerBasketball, Football, Baseball
1963William F. DresselCross Country, Track
1963Richard C. TomekBaseball, Track
1963Ed TruelsonFootball, Basketball
1965Donald A. BrownWrestling
1965Jack GramsBasketball
1965David R. HroudaWrestling, Football
1965Stephen C. MillerFootball
1965Vic WallaceFootball, Track, Baseball
1966Phil GibbsSwimming
1966Robert S. Reimers, III PH.D.Swimming
1966Rick SchimmelFootball, Basketball, Baseball
1966Jack WoodmanFootball
1967Richard GlasierMen's Basketball
1968Jim WallaceFootball
1969Joseph R. CampanelliFootball, Basketball
1969Harris C. DeLongBasketball, Golf
1970Fred BurkeCoach
1970David HowardFootball, Basketball, Golf, Trapshooting
1970Patrick LutherFootball, Wrestling, Track
1971Andrew F. ApplebeeTrack
1973Rob AshFootball, Tennis
1979Gary BlanksBaseball, Basketball
1979Steve DeanFootball
1979Kevin P. FooteFootball, Wrestling, Track
1979Chad WiscoBasketball
1979Tom ZinkulaFootball
1980Chris HipsleyFootball
1981J. Matt DillonFootball
1981Joe VernonFootball, Track
1982Scott JonesFootball, Wrestling, Baseball
1982Rich RayFootball
1983Jackie ClarkCross Country, Track and Field
1983Ron CorbettFootball
1983Tracey A. Galowitz JohnsonTennis
1983Tom MillerWrestling
1983John WardFootball, Basketball
1983Joyce WeegBasketball, Softball
1984Sheila FosterVolleyball, Track
1984Ann SundgrenVolleyball, Basketball, Softball
1985Lisa SchweinVolleyball, Softball and Basketball
1985Matt TrimbleCross Country, Track
1986Ronnie HendredTrack
1986Kevin KudrnaFootball, Baseball
1986Dean MillerWrestling
1986Jay VanCleveWrestling
1987Robin Dye WallVolleyball
1987Jeff FlemingBasketball
1987Joan Frick-MoleraTennis
1987Steve GoodallWrestling
1987Karen RadkeTrack
1989Jeff MaplesCross Country & Track
1990Lisa M. Brooks RashikaTennis
1990Chris LentzFootball, Baseball and Track
1990Shawn VoigtWrestling
1991Tony EveryCross Country, Track & Field
1991Tina Naaktgeboren BrookerVolleyball
1992Christopher HellerBasketball
1992Phil PfeiferFootball, Baseball
1992Aaron StangCross Country, Track & Field
1992J.D. WagnerGolf
1993Brent SandsFootball
1994Kelly Lear-KaulCross Country and Track & Field
1994Matt MillerFootball
1994Abe TubbsBasketball
1995John MartinTrack & Field, Football, Baseball & Basketball
1997Ryan ReaslandFootball & Wrestling
2000Kelly DoddTrack & FIeld
2002Julie LayneWomen's Soccer, Track & Field
2004Matt DitchFootball, Basketball, Track & Field, Baseball
2005Lynn SchneiderTrack & Field, Volleyball
Richard W. BarkerAthletic Director, Coach
Barron BremnerAthletic Director, Coach
Jerry ClarkCoach
Dr. Glen CunninghamAthletic Director
Steve DeVriesCoach
James DutcherCoach
Sherman W. FingerAthletic Director, Coach
Paul MaaskeCoach
Bill PflastererCoach
Ocie TrimbleCoach
Ellen WhaleAthletic Director, Coach