Cheerleading Coaching Staff

Joey Crowley, Head Coach


Cheerleading Program Information

At Cornell College we cheer for all home Football and Basketball games.

Football season runs from September to November. Basketball season runs from November to February. All cheerleaders are required to be at every game.

Practices are determined at the beginning of each semester. We hold a warm-up practice approximately an hour before each game. Everyone is required to attend all practices and games.

If you are cheering for Cornell, you may not be in another sport during the time that you are cheering.

Cheerleading Team Handbook

Purpose and Philosophy

Cornell College cheerleading is designed to be a fun learning environment. In this environment we will strive to produce great athletes. This will be accomplished by incorporating every aspect of a well-rounded athlete; physically fit, mentally fit, and goal oriented. These are the characteristics that Cornell College will strive to develop with-in our cheerleaders. Through these characteristics we hope to encourage the crowd and the community into further supporting Rams Athletics!

Values of Cheerleaders

Through character building Cornell College cheerleaders will display loyalty to their school, and their team, while displaying good sportsmanship to rival schools. Ram cheerleaders should take an active role, outside of cheerleading, in acquiring an appreciation and knowledge for the sports they cheer for. Our cheerleaders should strive to develop high moral standards, in and outside of cheerleading and never settling for less then what you and your coach know that you can do! Cornell cheerleaders will act as representatives for their school at all times, and will be expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.


In order to participate in Cornell cheerleading, cheerleaders must complete a physical examination and have a current insurance card on file. You may also not be in another sport during the cheerleading season.