Bremner Cup


The 2012-13 season marked the first time in nearly a century that long-time rivals, Coe and Cornell, no longer would be affiliated with each other by athletic conference ties. However, the two storied rivals did not wish to end their athletic endeavors against one another. Therefore, both institutions agreed to create an all-sport traveling trophy to ensure that their tradition of athletic competition continues despite them no longer being conference rivals.

The traveling trophy was given the name the Bremner Cup in honor of Barron Bremner, a longtime fixture at both Coe and Cornell. Bremner began his career as the head wrestling coach, as well as serving as both an assistant football and tennis coach, at Cornell in 1959. In addition to coaching duties, he performed a number of administrative roles, as well.

In 1971, Bremner left Cornell to join Coe as the director of athletics, chair of the physical education department and head wrestling coach. He returned to Cornell in 1978 as the director of athletics, wrestling coach and assistant to the president. Again, he served a number of other administrative duties in addition to his primary roles at Cornell.

In 1993, Bremner made the final career switch when he decided to return to Coe. This time around, he would serve as the athletic director and the president's assistant. He remained in these roles until his retirement in 2001.

For his distinguished career as a wrestling coach at both Coe and Cornell, Bremner compiled a 196-39-3 overall record in dual meets, including a 153-8-1 dual meet record against Midwest Conference opponents. He led his teams to 18 conference championships in 23 years - 13 with Cornell, five with Coe. His best team had to be the 1963 Cornell team that he led to a fifth place finish at the 1963 national championships. In addition to his teams' success, Bremner coached 14 all-Americans in his career.

In 1993, Bremner was recognized for his coaching success when he was elected into the NCAA Division III Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame. A well respected man in the NCAA Division III wrestling circle, he served eight years on the NCAA Division III Wrestling Committee and twice served as the president of the NCAA Division III National Wrestling Coaches Association. Additionally, he was honored as the Grand Marshall at the 2008 NCAA Division III Wrestling Championships in Cedar Rapids.

The Bremner Cup is awarded each year to whichever institution compiles the highest number of total points based on a scoring system of athletic events. The point system is based on the 17 intercollegiate sports that are mutually sponsored by both Coe and Cornell. The scoring of events is equally weighted across all sports, with the winner of the designated Bremner Cup event earning one point for their institution. In sports such as cross country and track where head-to-head competition is not necessarily a yearly occurence, coaches will determine an event to be scored for the Bremner Cup. During the first year, track and field was held during the indoor season. Going forward, it will count as a contest in both the indoor and outdoor seasons.


Bremner Cup Year-by-Year Results

Year Winner Results
2017-18   Tied, 3-3
2016-17 Rams Cornell 8, Coe 7 ***
2015-16 Kohawks Coe 12, Cornell 3
2014-15 Kohawks Coe 10, Cornell 7
2013-14 Kohawks Coe 9, Cornell 8 **
2012-13 Kohawks Coe 8, Cornell 6 *

* Men's tennis did not play
**Track & Field was separated in Indoor and Outdoor
*** Track & Field returned to Outdoor only