Ash Park Baseball Renovation

Ash Park Field Football Renovation

Cornell College features indoor and outdoor facilities for 19 NCAA Division III intercollegiate sports. The centerpiece of Cornell's athletics facilities is the Richard and Norma Small Multi-Sport Center, which

Richard and Norma Small Multi-Sport Center

houses indoor venues for competition, practice and community recreation along with offices, locker rooms and training rooms. Most of Cornell's outdoor competition sites surround the Multi-Sport Center.

Cornell has committed nearly $1.3 million in expansion, improvement and renovation projects to its facilities since 2007. In March 2009, the Rams christened the new Mount Vernon Softball Complex, a collaborative project between Cornell and the Mount Vernon Community School District located south of campus near the elementary and middle schools.

Cornell's nationally-known wrestling program has benefited from an expanded practice facility, which opened in October 2007. The Meredith Wrestling Complex features two 48 x 54-foot floor mats and covers 6,050 square feet of mat area. The

Cornell hosted a USA-Russia wrestling dual Nov. 18, 2009.

Meyer Strength Training Facility nearly doubled in size to 5,800 square feet and includes several pieces of new equipment. A new purple Mondo surface was installed for the indoor track and surrounding areas of the arena of the Multi-Sport Center.

The football and track and field teams compete in historic and picturesque Ash Park Stadium, which seats 2,500. Encircling the football field is an eight-lane track. The Ash Park baseball field is on the north side of the Multi-Sport Center, equipped with lights, a professional infield tarp and a 600-seat grandstand. Cornell features six tennis courts east of the Multi-Sport Center. On the south side of

The Mount Vernon Softball Complex opened in March 2009.

campus is a competitive soccer field with two adjacent practice fields.

The adjoining field house portion of the Multi-Sport Center features a 2,000-seat gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and wrestling. New Cornell Rams banners were installed on both ends of the gym. The arena has a six-lane, 200-meter track surrounding an infield with multi-purpose courts for tennis, volleyball and basketball, batting cages for baseball and softball and hitting nets for golf.
Small Multi-Sport Center Arena
Ash Park Stadium is home to football, track & field, and lacrosse.
An aerial view of historic Ash Park Stadium
Ash Park Baseball Field
Cornell Tennis Courts
Cornell Soccer Complex
Cornell Wrestling Room
Cornell Weight Room